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Scold´s Bridle is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Varberg, Sweden. With influences from across the heavy metal spectrum Scold´s Bridle delivers an exclusive and varied sound for any state of mind.

The first idea of Scold´s Bridle started back in 2019 when drummer Oskar Romell decided to picked up the guitar for the first time. A few frustrating years later the first recording started of what would become the debut album of Scold´s Bridle.

The album was recorded in “Solitude Studios” in Varberg, Sweden during 2022-2023. Oskar Romell is the primary songwriter and plays all instruments (guitars, bass, drums and keys) on the album as well as some backing vocals. The lead vocals are mixed with talents across the worlds with Mauro Elias (Argentina) as the primary singer, Craig Cairns (UK) performing on two songs (“Zombie” & “Blizzard”) and female singer Martina Questa (Argentina) in a duet on “Liquid Love”. Johan Renkse has co-written two songs (“Angel Maker” & “Echo In The Dark”) and also preforms backing vocals on “Angel Maker”. The album was mixed and mastered in “Solitude Studios” by Oskar Romell.

The debut album “Scold´s Bridle”, including 12 original songs, will be released on all platforms including CD & vinyl on September 15, 2023.

Make sure you don´t miss the party!  

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